…reaching the nations since 1975.

You are welcome to Calvary Ministries (CAPRO Nigeria) website…reaching the nations since 1975. CAPRO is an indigenous, non denominational, cross-cultural missions agency which began in Nigeria in 1975. Our primary focus is to make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ amongst the unreached (unevanglized) ethnic groups in Africa and beyond. We seek to achieve this through our various ministries. CAPRO is not a CHURCH!

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Schools of Missions

Cross-cultural training schools with all it takes to meet with whatever preparation you need to reach the unreached. Consider giving the strength of your youth to serve the Lord, using all the skills you have acquired to take the gospel to the unreached peoples. It’s time to take the call of God upon your life to the next level. Get enrolled today in one of our Missions School! Read more

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Short Term Missions

The Great Commission provides enough room for everyone to participate. Moses, Aaron and Hur raised the staff as Joshua fought the Amalekites; the Short Term Missions opportunities therefore, makes provision for people to take advantage of their leave or holiday to meet some specific mission needs while the missionaries concentrate on other areas of ministry.        Read more

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At the heart of the great commission is making disciples of all nations, not just witnessing or evangelism. “Disciples are made, not born” says W.A. Henrichson. And nothing can be truer. The key to disciple making is teaching ; and effective teaching involves a personal interaction. This is what we bring together in DIMEP for effective Christian living, growth and service.                   Read  more

Our Guiding Principles
The Motivating Factor

These six pillars are the motivating factor for all our enterprise.
  • Holiness: Our ministry is the outflow of our life. We cannot give what we do not have. So our first priority is to be like Christ.
  • Love: Love for God, for our fellow labourers, and for the people we seek to reach.
  • Sacrifice: A willingness to spend and be spent for the cause of enthroning Christ among those who are yet to hear.
  • Faith: We do not go by what we have but by the sufficiency of our God to meet every need
  • Evangelism: Our passion is souls.
  • Militancy/Determination: We are rugged soldiers of the cross and must not entangle ourselves with civilian matters.

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Believe God for what only God can do. To see the move of God in your generation you must move beyond your boundaries.
Gbile Akanni PPC October - December, 2016 Praise & Prayer Calendar
Cut off whatever may distract you and burn all your bridges. It is to your advantage that you don’t look back , you need to be focused if you must achieve the purpose for which God took hold of you.
Dondo Iorlamen PPC October - December, 2016 Praise & Prayer Calendar
You cannot fulfil God’s  purpose for your life while focusing on your own plans.
Rick Warner PPC October - December, 2016 Praise & Prayer Calendar
The cheapest part of missions is prayers because you don’t need anything to pray.
Bala Usman PPC April - June, 2016 Praise & Prayer Calendar
Holiness is the habit of being of one mind with God as we find His mind described in scripture.
J.C. Ryle PPC April - June, 2016 Praise & Prayer Calendar
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