Welcome to Calvary ministries

…reaching the nations since 1975

Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) Nigeria is an indigenous, non denominational, cross-cultural missions agency which began in Nigeria in 1975. Our primary focus is to make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ amongst the unreached (unevanglized) ethnic groups in Africa and beyond. We seek to achieve this through our various ministries. CAPRO is not a CHURCH!
Our Guiding Principles
The Motivating Factor
These six pillars are the motivating factor for all our enterprise.
  • Holiness: Our ministry is the outflow of our life. We cannot give what we do not have. So our first priority is to be like Christ.
  • Love: Love for God, for our fellow labourers, and for the people we seek to reach.
  • Sacrifice: A willingness to spend and be spent for the cause of enthroning Christ among those who are yet to hear.
  • Faith: We do not go by what we have but by the sufficiency of our God to meet every need
  • Evangelism: Our passion is souls.
  • Purposefulness: We are rugged soldiers of the cross and must not entangle ourselves with civilian matters.
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To put in place training programs that will accelerate Leadership Evolvement, Character Transformation and Capacity Development for effective ministry.


To accelerate research and strategy development, and disseminate accurate information, publish materials for CAPRO and the body of Christ to effectively carry out her mandate of discipling UPGs.


To facilitate the work of mobilization and church planting through the provision of ICT, relevant print and audiovisual materials to serve CAPRO and the body of Christ.


We plant indigenous autonomous churches among unreached people groups of the world


To conduct research and development of the heart languages of UPGs, produce materials and teach them to use the materials for effective wholistic church planting and growth


To provide holistic empowerment through CAPRO field staff in unreached people groups, towards community transformation for God’s kingdom and enhance our church planting ministries.

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