The missions began on the 25th of April, 1975 in Zaria as a follow – up to what happened on December the 24th the previous year.

A few Christian Corpers posted to Zaria in the North of Nigeria made an attempt to hold a crusade in front of the Emir’s palace. It was a “suicide mission” though that was where the battle for the soul of the Muslims of Northern Nigeria began.

And this has become one of Nigeria’s indigenous pioneer efforts in cross-cultural missions and one of Africa’s contributions to world evangelisation.

“Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) is committed to seeing the accomplishment of the Lord’s commission to His Church. We believe that the Church has not finished its task until the Gospel penetrates the different people groups of the earth. By this, we mean that the gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached and taught among the nations until indigenous bodies of believers who are self-governing emerge, stand and disciple others.” – Statement of Faith