What is today known as Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) came into being in 1975 (precisely April 25th). It started in Zaria, in northern Nigeria after some young Christians burdened to evangelize non-christians attempted a crusade in that ancient city. They were attacked, but instead of being discouraged, the experience stirred them to prayers and more action.

The vision was thus born to make such cities and tribes, as well as other unreached people groups of Northern Nigeria and West Africa an object of concerted missionary effort. Calvary Productions (CAPRO), as it was first called was thus born. The pioneer leadership team was lead by Bayo Famonure. This team led various youths from all across Nigeria into intensive evangelism of non-christians both in northern Nigeria and neighboring Niger Republic. By 1979 CAPRO name was changed from Calvary Production to Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) to reflect her diversity of ministry operations and a new emphasis on targeting ethno linguistic clusters of peoples. And by the early 1980s this lead to the recruiting full-time cross-cultural missionaries to live and plant churches among verified unreached peoples.

Some of the first ethnic groups to be entered were the Maguzawa people and the Gbagyi people of Kaduna State in Nigeria. Soon after this several other unreached peoples were engaged in Nigeria. Also by the early 1980s, foreign fields were also pioneered in Niger Republic, Senegal and Guinea (all in West Africa ) to engage ethnic groups with no known christian. Today, CAPRO now works in 34 countries among over 60 unreached ethnic groups with many churches planted. Starting from northern Nigeria CAPRO now works all over Africa, in Europe and the Middle East. In recent years CAPRO has especially emphasized outreach to North Africa and the Middle East and some underground churches have been planted.