The Great Commission provides enough room for everyone to participate. Moses, Aaron and Hur raised the staff as Joshua fought the Amalekites; the Short Term Missions opportunities therefore, makes provision for people to take advantage of their leave or holiday to meet some specific mission needs while the missionaries concentrate on other areas of ministry. Here is:

1. Acquire a personal experience of the mission field situation-first hand;
2. Golden opportunities to use your skills and talents to further the work of missions;
3. Enabling environment to assist you in confirming God’s calling to long-term missions.

Big step of faith – if only for a short while – to make big impact among the nations.

The How

Wondering what will happen to you because you are untrained in missions or theology? Fear not. All participants are exposed to a specialized short orientation course at the beginning of the programme.

If you are taken and your profession is critically needed by any other Organisation apart from CAPRO, you will be sent to serve the Lord of the Harvest. Every CVS participant will undergo a period of four week experience in outreach evangelism, irrespective of the nature of their primary service.


The CVS provides you with opportunity to spend one or two years of your life to advance the course of missions. What a way to use your sabbatical! Or an amazing way to spend inter diploma or post NYSC year!

Many missionaries and other Christian endeavours suffer severe difficulties because of lack of professional support. Though some volunteers may serve as evangelist and pastors, most will work as professionals. The CVS is expected to provide professionals in administration, media, agriculture, computer science, education, healthcare services, architecture, building, journalism, engineering, medicine, driving, clerical, catering, secretariat duties and research works etc. to provide such supports . The Lord can use you to meet any of these professional needs.

Any willing born again Christian who has a skill to share may participate. However, preference will be given to young people who have completed the NYSC scheme or any post secondary Education like OND, NCE, etc.

This CVS is not just about serving with CAPRO, volunteers may be sent to other participating Christian Organisations.

The Cost

OJ programmes are self-sponsored. On the other hand, food, accommodation and transportation would be provided for all CVS participants during orientation. The receiving agencies will provide accommodation or monetary alternatives during the service year. A monthly personal maintenance allowance will also be paid to CVS participants, but this is peanut, after all we’re volunteering our lives for the service of the King.

An involvement in Short Term Missions Opportunities offered by CAPRO is an investment of your life in bringing back the King of glory.