CAST refers to CAPRO Sending Teams. These are committed missions partners who believe in the Great Commission and the CAPRO Mandate, and are determined to do something about it. CAST is located in several countries of the world, particularly where CAPRO has a registered presence. CAST members are part of the CAPRO Family. They are involved in three strategic ministries:

  • Mission Advocacy
    • As Mission Advocates, CAST members see it as their ministry to network CAPRO with their friends, churches and possible Mission Foundations; with the sole purpose of creating a greater partnership base for the spread of the gospel among the unreached.
  • Mission Praying
    • CAST members are our most faithful and fervent intercessors. They host mission prayer cells in their homes and offices or join other mission praying teams. These intercessors are the powerhouse behind the entire missions movement of CAPRO and every advance of the Mission can be directly tied to the committed praying of these faithful men, women and children.
  • Mission Financing
    • While other mission friends may give towards missions at their convenience, CAST members are part of the CAPRO family and take up the resource needs of the Mission as their priority. CAST members give sacrificially towards the sustenance of the Mission.
    Different CASTs have different times for their CAST meetings and prayer cell meetings. Kindly indicate if you would like to join a CAST, join an existing prayer cell or maybe start a prayer cell yourself.