The Media Unit is charged with the responsibility of creating mission related audio-visual materials which are used for both evangelistic outreaches as well as our mobilization ministries. The CAPRO Media are committed to constantly develop, market and distribute resources that can grow the mission vision of churches and individuals. The CAPRO Media also assist on-going mission and evangelistic programs by providing materials needed to more effectively communicate Christ in those communities.

The Mobilization Unit is tasked with 3 core assignment:

a) work closely with denominations and churches to provide them with current information about unreached peoples and possible avenues for church/ individual involvement in the task of global missions

b) build partnerships between CAPRO and Churches/ individuals such that the work of missions does not suffer loss because of lack of resources of any kind

Training & Human Resource Development

Under the auspices of the CALVARY INSTITUTE, the Training & Human Resource Development unit is primarily charged with 3 assignments:

a) equipping the manpower called to serve as missionaries and this it does through our various schools of missions in the Anglophone, Francophone and Arabic speaking countries.

b) providing relevant discipleship and spiritual development courses for the Body of Christ

c) conducting in-house staff development courses for serving missionaries

Research & Strategy

The Research & Strategy unit works to

a) understand and analyze global trends to see how they are applicable to the work of missions

b) conduct periodic in-house evaluations and assessments to monitor the developments and changes within Calvary Ministries (CAPRO)

Transformation & Mercy Ministries

In order to enhance and multiply our church-planting ministries and to present the holistic message of Jesus, the Transformation & Mercy Ministries seeks for opportunities to provides physical assistance to communities needing such services. These projects are usually done either in cooperation with field based missionaries or other critical stakeholders resident in the communities of deployment.


The focal point of all our ministries is to see communities of Jesus followers, worshipping and growing in parts of the world where such churches did not exist before. Since CAPRO is not a church denomination, we plant indigenous churches that simply self-identify themselves as followers of Jesus in the particular local community. These are not CAPRO churches.